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Helen Nilsson
City of Malmö
Lifestyle and Consumer Affairs
Environment Department
Bergsgatan 17
205 80 Malmö
Tel.: +46 40 34 20 80
Mobil: +46 709 915 905
Fax: +46 40 34 20 60

Malmö's policy for sustainable development and food, Sweden

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  • Country: Sweden
  • Foodlinks theme: Urban Food Strategies
  • Year started: 2010

Targets & measures

"Sustainable Top Ten Malmö": 1. Sustainable urban development; 2. Every fourth journey in Malmö is made using a bike ... For more details click on picture.
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The strategy of the policy is to work towards the two main goals that have been established to ensure Malmö reaches its goal of a sustainable city. These two goals are 100 percent organic food by 2020, and a 40 percent reduction of greenhouse gas emissions compared to the index year 2002.

The city of Malmö is  taking a both a top down and a bottom up approach. By involving those who prepare the food, we are ensuring support in the changing of consumption routines and practice. By engaging politicians we are ensuring continued support for our work.

Interaction and knowledge brokering activities

There are currently four people working at the environment department of the city of Malmö that are implementing the policy. In addition, there is staff at the service department working with school food. The key actors in addition to the service and environment department are the catering staff working in the city of Malmö providing food for children and the elderly in municipal facilities, as well as the procurement offices. There is also contact with Malmö University who are interested in the results of the work conducted in Malmö.


Civil servants and a leading politician.


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