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What is a Community of Practice (CoP)?

A Community of Practice (CoP) is a group that evolves or is created specifically based on common interests in a particular field, with the goal of gaining knowledge related to that field. It is through the process of sharing information and experiences within the group that members learn from each other and have an opportunity to develop. Though this type of learning has been going on for centuries, spatial barriers have hindered this type of exchange and therefore new techniques will be experimented with in our project, such as online networking tools.

The three communities of practice the Foodlinks project is exploring have been created specifically for this project with the strong desire that these groups evolve and grow over the length of our project and beyond.

Third mailing from the Revaluing Public Sector Food Procurement CoP


The third mailing of Revaluing Public Sector Food Procurement CoP contains some of the latest postings from the Revaluing Public Sector Food Procurement site on the Knowledge Hub.

Those who visit the site regularly will already know how rapidly the Group’s activity has grown over the past few months as the FOODLINKS project has got firmly established.

For those of you who have not been regular visitors, you can catch up by going on-line at:

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Third mailing of the Foodlinks CoP CoP Revaluing Public Sector Food Procurement, November 2012 (220 KB)