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The Foodlinks project uses the Easy to Digest blog, the joint blog of Foodlinks and PUREFOOD; both are European Union funded projects. It is available at .

Both projects focus on three key aspects of the so-called new food geography: sustainable food supply chains, public sector food procurement practices and (peri-)urban food strategies. Although both projects focus on the field of sustainable food production and consumption, their approach and perspective is different. 

Easy to Digest Blog Mission

This blog is a platform of communication, collaboration, stimulation and motivation for the diverse stakeholders of the agri-food community committed to a sustainable, secure and just food system.

It aims:

(1) To create a platform for the exchange of ideas on theoretical and empirical topics, bringing together the perspectives of stakeholders in many sectors, disciplines and professions, including, but not limited to: the private sector, public sector, citizenry, academia and other institutions;

(2) To serve as an archive of resources and news of interest to diverse stakeholders; and

(3) To disseminate, discuss and reflect on current research. In reaching for these goals, the blog aims also to raise the profile of the PUREFOOD network and of all who embrace the vision of a just and sustainable agri-food future.

Content on this blog reflects the opinions of the individual authors. It does not reflect the opinions of the European Commission, or any of the institutional partners of the PUREFOOD and Foodlinks projects.

The Foodlinks and the PUREFOOD projects

The Foodlinks project aims at developing and experimenting with new ways of linking research to policy-making in the field of sustainable food consumption and production. The project partners will leverage new technologies such as social media to balance the constraints imposed by geographic, cultural and hierarchical barriers. For more information see .

PUREFOOD is focused on fundamental scientific research. The objective of PUREFOOD is to train a pool of early-stage researchers in the socio-economic and socio-spatial dynamics of the (peri-)urban and regional foodscape. For more information see .

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