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Delivery service Zolle ("clods") in Lazio, Italy


  • Country: Lazio Region, Italy
  • Foodlinks theme: Short Food Supply Chains
  • Year started: 2008

Targets & measures

Drawing illustrating Zolle's short food supply chain approach

Zolle is a delivery service that allows its customers to receive fruits and vegetables, grown by small companies located in the Lazio region (Italy). The produce is delivered directly to the customers to their houses. Depending on the eating habits of the family, customers can choose various sizes of Zolle (i.e. the boxes) at the website.

The boxes contain fruit, vegetables, meat, cheese, and eggs. An e-mail or a phone call is enough to activate the service. The farmers ensure freshness and wholesomeness by deciding what is best to be delivered; depending on the season and products available. It is a formula based on trust: trust of the families in the good sense and wisdom of farmers and farmers' confidence that the families will consistently purchase the produce and provide a market for small producers with high quality production.

Interaction and knowledge brokering activities

Eighteen people are working at Zolle. Currently they cooperate with 90 farms, 80 of them located in the Lazio region. They serve about 1000 families in Rome. The 20 farms with whom they have the closest and permanent cooperation, receive a high percentage of the final product price (on average, out of ten Euros of sales, 6 go to the farm and 4 to Zolle).


Zolle was initiated by two entrepreneurs. There is no involvement of policy/administration, except for what concerns mandatory requirements to run the activity (i.e. controls by the health authority).

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