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Foodlinks Conference: Public Procurement of Sustainable Food

Public Procurement of Sustainable Food

The Revaluing Public Procurement CoP held a day long conference - "Public Procurement of Sustainable Food" at City University London, on Thursday 10 May 2012.

Conference speakers reflected on past experience, the current situation and also on the ways forward for public procurement of sustainable food in the UK. This included UK projects and campaigns on public sector food procurement as well as school food, new initiatives in England and Scotland, the Olympics and more. The day ended with a panel discussion and questions from the conference participants.

The conference was well attended by people working across the spectrum of public sector food procurement and provided opportunities to share learning, experiences and ideas about how to revalue food procurement in both the UK and across Europe.

The work of the CoP recognises that new forms of collective learning are required in which public procurement practitioners, academics, policy-makers and civil society organisations work together to effect real change and we hope that the conference has already created some new networks for knowledge exchange between these groups and look forward to helping to build these networks over the coming months.


Opening Address

10.30 Why public procurement of sustainable food is important
Opening Address: Prof Tim Lang, City University London

Session 1: Where are we on the Public Procurement of Sustainable Food?

Chair: David Barling, City University London

  • 10.45 The catering manager’s perspective Mike Duckett, MBE Royal Brompton Hospital London. PDF (344 KB)
  • 11.15 The NGO perspective: Reflections of the Good Food on the Public Plate project Jon Walker, Sustain. PDF (1.0 MB)
  • 11.45 The NGO perspective: campaigning for public procurement of sustainable food Alex Jackson, Sustain. PDF (26 KB) + notes (43 KB)
  • 12.15 Q & As
  • 12.30 The Food for Life catering mark experience: lessons learned Roger Mortlock, Deputy Director, Soil Association. PDF (1.8 MB)

Session 2: The ways forward?

Chair: David Barling

  • 2.00: The way forward: The Scottish food public procurement initiative Robin Gourlay, Scottish Government PDF (486 KB)
  • 2.30: The way forward: The London Olympics and after Kath Dalmeny, Policy Director, Sustain PDF (1.1 MB)
  • 3.00: The way forward: The catering procurement perspective Gerry Clinton, London Borough of Havering PDF (88 KB)
  • 3.30 – 4.30 What are the policy paths forward?
    Panel led Discussion:
    David Barling (chair, City University London), Roberta Sonnino (Cardiff University), Kath Dalmeny (Sustain), Roger Mortlock (Soil Association), Gerry Clinton (London Borough of Havering).


For further information please contact Julie Smith, City University London(julie.smith.1(at)

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